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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nana's 95th Birthday!

I have the best Nana in the world!  She has always been such a wonderful and loving grandmother. Her actual birthday was on Monday, August 22nd.  Can you imagine being 95 years old?  Think of all the changes you would have seen and gone thru.  It is just mind boggling to me. I asked her what she thought the most impressive thing during her lifetime and she said it has been computers.  When I was little, my brother and I would spend weekends with her and she always had fun things for us to do.  When Rick and I would play games with each other she would pull wrapped up prizes out of a special drawer!  Can you imagine a drawer of wrapped presents to pick from when you are a small child?!?  Oh my gosh!  We even got presents from that drawer just for asking!!  She would also let us have mac and cheese for lunch and taught us how to dribble a basketball under our legs and do tricks!  Nana retired from Sears where she made custom drapes for people's houses.  While she was sewing she would let me play with her scraps of fabric and make clothes for my dolls and Barbies.  Nana taught me all kinds of things that I still use today. I think she really sparked my creative spirit!!  She is a wonderful woman and I enjoy every minute of our time together!  I wanted to share a couple of pictures from her birthday party on Sunday.
Nana with my boys - Gabe (left) & Ben (right)

Nana telling me a story

Dad giving his mother a birthday kiss

Nana and her sister Edna

Nana was so happy when we were singing to her

She didn't need any help blowing out her candles!

Presents of course! 

This was at the end of the night so not everyone was still there but as you can see we were all still happy to be at Nana's 95th Birthday Party!!!!
Love you, Nana!  I am looking forward to next year's 96th birthday bash!!

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