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Monday, July 25, 2011

La La La! Workshop

I absolutely LOVE Suzi Blu!  I take a lot of her classes online.  The class I'm taking right now is called La La La!  We are making little pictures of cute little dolls and animals.  The first one is a cute little pink bunny.  I started this one last night and just finished it this morning.  It was so much fun because I got to use beeswax for the first time!  First let me show it to you and then I'll explain it a bit better:
Isn't that soooo cute???  She teaches you how to shade the bunny with colored pencil. I felt like I really learned something wonderful and I will never color the same way again!  When the bunny is just right you then cut her out of the paper.  I took a 4" X 4" canvas and water colored the background, stamped some script, glued the bunny, some hearts and a flower with matte medium.  Then I added some marks and a bit of paint here and there to finish it up and added some words.  Suzi then shows you how to add beeswax to the whole thing and distress it with oil paint.  It was a quick project because it is so small but sooooo adorable and so much fun!  I can't wait to make more of these little cuties!  In the lessons coming up we are working on cute little girls and a boy too.  They are so sweet!  I can't wait to show you what else I make from the rest of Suzi's class.  If you want to take the class or to see her other classes I will leave the link for you HERE

Today is a beautiful day.  Finally it is not scorching hot and I am actually sitting on my deck with the laptop.  My little brother, Alex, bought the Topsy Turvy for me.  You know, that thing that lets you grow the tomato plant upside down?  I really wanted it and my Mom saw it while shopping with him so he bought it for me!  Isn't he the sweetest??  Everyone was making fun of me and acting like I was a big nerd but take a look at it!

It is HUGE!  When the sun is bright the branches reach all the way up like it is really reaching out.  It is kind of cool to watch this guy grow.  I can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen so we can put them on hamburgers and salads!!  Thanks, Alex!  Next year I might get another one and try a strawberry plant.  That would really be wonderful!! 

While I've been sitting here a little visitor came to sit by me and say hello.  How lucky that I had my camera sitting here!  Isn't he cute?

I didn't add the third picture of him because he left me a surprise!  Ha!  I didn't think that I needed to share that!! Have a great day and enjoy the fresh air!

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