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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Luggage Project

I joined a group called LaFioReVida run by artist Brenda  Figueroa. She is an amazing, lovely woman who loves to share her passion for art and is always there to help.  The class I am taking with her is called The Luggage Project.  You have to see her work - it is fun, whimsical and just beautiful!!  Here is the link to her class if you want to check it out for yourself: The Luggage Project
In this class we take an old suitcase from a thrift store, Goodwill or wherever you can find one and alter it into a cute, colorful piece of art!  Mine is not finished yet but here is a picture of it ~
  Isn't that adorable??  Brenda goes thru instructions on how you can do the inside, so that is the next part for me.  I have been collecting cases of different sizes and shapes that I am going to work on when this little cutie is done.  I just love it!  I am so glad that I found Brenda's group.  She is an awesome teacher and becoming a fast friend too! 


  1. Hi Kelly.

    I joined this site the other evening, as soon as i have the funds i will do this course too,
    You have done a beautiul job with your case, she is so very pretty.
    Well done,

    Huggies Angel

  2. your cae looks great. I was thinking of hitting the thrift store this weekend and I saw your case and realized that I have a scrapping tote that looks like a suitcase. I won it loaded with goodies as a grand-opening prize at our LSS a few years ago. It is brown with gold hardware. I forget who makes it, but Iafter seeing your suitcase, I think I am going to alter it. Need to join the class this weekend. Michaels has a sale on foam brushes 20 for $1, and paints are 30% off starting this Sunday! woo hoo

  3. Sweet Kelly! What a beautiful honor that you post this message!!! You are so sweet and I love your luggage, this is going to be an awesome journey together!