Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gabe (my youngest son) is a wonderful writer and artist.  He wrote a poem for his creative writing class last semester that I just love and wanted to share with everyone.  When he read it to me I was floored with the depth and story within his poem.  He amazes me!

Wolf  Made of Wool
A wolf made of wool must travel alone
A wolf made of wool has no home of it’s own
But the birds of a feather
Who fly all together
And raise all their children to never say never
One day the wolf made of wool
Found a watering hole
He told all the birds his heart wasn’t full
Cause there’s no home in the world for a wolf made of wool
When he saw them all laughing
He looked at the water and looked at it deep
No wolf made of wool but a smiling white sheep
Gabriel - January 2011

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