Monday, February 28, 2011

My Whimsy Girls

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone with two new techniques - working on canvas and with paper clay.  I am just loving all of the whimsical girls that I am creating with the new things I have been learning.  They are so much fun to create!!  Everything takes a bit longer with these techniques and I don't finish things in one sitting but that has also been fun for me.  I'm usually kind of impatient and working in this way is challenging but I am enjoying the process a lot more now.  Maybe I'm just getting older???

For the canvas projects I begin with a collage of scrapbook papers, dictionary pages or music sheets.  After everything is glued on I do a wash with white paint or a colored paint.  I have discovered the cool effect you can achieve with watered down paint so that you can still see a bit of the back ground.  I just love this technique!!
I used copies I made from my sketchbook for both of these pictures.  I picked sketches that I liked, made copies and then cut them out.  The girl with the purple hair is from a class I have been taking called Fabulous Faces.  I made a black and white copy so that I could cut her out, paste her on the canvas and then paint over the drawn lines.  The flying girl was just a fun sketch that I made and fell in love with her sweet face.  I copied her in color and then glued her on the canvas that I created.  I am working on another one right now that I'll show you very soon.  I'm excited about how the new one is coming out!!

The other thing I have been working with is paper clay.  I just love paper clay!!  It air dries and is so much fun to mold.  It is very soft and much easier for me to work with than polymer clay.  I like polymer clay but it takes a while to condition to make it soft and my fingers just get too tired.  

The girl with the blue shirt was created while I was taking Folk Art Doll Workshop by Moriah Betterly.  Her dvd had so much great information and is very easy to follow.  Her cute dress is made from dictionary pages that are cut into strips, curled and then glued on to her body.  I really enjoyed creating her and that is what led me to make the girl in pink and orange.  I am going to create lots more with this technique!  I am hooked!!

I have to leave you with a picture of what my little buddy was doing while I was taking pictures and working on this post ~

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