Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frida Khalo Shrine

I made a shrine for Frida Khalo.  It was part of a swap and is on it's way to my partner.  I had so much fun creating it.  I went to the library and got the Frida movie and another biography movie about her to get inspiration.  I also read a lot online.  She had such an interesting life.  She was very sick as a child and her parents said she had polio but I guess she really had spina bifida (sp?).  One of her legs was a different size than the other so she wore lots of big skirts and dresses to hide that.  When she was older she was in a bus accident and didn't know if she'd ever walk again.  She had to stay in bed for a year and during that time she painted a lot.  Her parents put a mirror over her bed so she could see herself so most of her paintings were self portraits.  They depicted the pain she felt in her body and also emotionally.  She met Diego Rivera and married him.  He was much older than she was and they were both very passionate people.  She wanted to have children but her health was preventing her from carrying her babies to term.  Her life was full of sadness and tragedy.  She finally divorced Diego when she found him sleeping with her sister.  They had an open marriage and while she slept with both men and women she couldn't handle finding her sister with the love of her life.  They did remarry before she died.  They were a pretty interesting couple to say the least.  Anyway, these are some of the things I learned about her and that is how I came up with the ideas I put in my shrine.  This is the first shrine I have ever created and it was a lot of fun.  Actually, I think the researching part was just as fun as the creating part. 

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