Friday, March 26, 2010

a new start....

I really want to blog more regularly.  I have been creating some really fun and pretty things and I think it would be neat to show them off.  I always take pictures of my creations but no one ever sees them except for me and the swap partner I send them too.  When I am assigned a swap partner (one Swap-bot) I just love to read their profiles and if they have a blog linked I always check it out.  I like to see the kinds of things they create and then it is easier to figure out what colors or styles to use when I'm making a project for them.  I'm working on my first shrine - a Frida Khalo shrine.  Her life and paintings are so interesting to me.  I am super excited about this project but also a little nervous that I won't do a great job.  I keep reading about her and getting ideas in my head so I'm going to sit down and really work on it over the weekend.  Maybe I'll be able to post some photos of either the completed project or at least the project while I'm working on it.  Well, it is getting late for me so I'm off to bed.  Dreaming all things crafty!!! 

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