Monday, January 3, 2011

Mmmmmm.....Tuna Casserole

My stepmom, Cath, makes the best tuna casserole in the world!  It is my absolute favorite!!  I've been asking her for her recipe for a few years and she kept putting it off.  This Christmas she gave me a special little box all wrapped up and inside it was her special tuna casserole recipe handwritten especially for me!!  I was sooooo happy!  I made it for my family tonight and it turned out perfectly.  It tasted exactly the same way she makes it!

As you can see - my husband really enjoyed it too!!  Thank you, Cath!!
I also have a new picture to share.  She is made with watercolor paints, colored pencil and copic markers.  I like orange and pink together lately - so bright and cheerful!! Do you like her?  I'm having so much fun making these cute girls. 

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