Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paper Clay Ornaments

I started playing with paper clay.  I wasn't even sure what it was.  Is it clay?  Is it paper mache?  I think it is a cross between the two.  I keep seeing really fun doll faces and ornaments made from paper clay so I have been trying to figure it out.  I went to the store and I couldn't find the black package of paper clay that I saw on the internet and I was getting discouraged.  I dropped something and when I bent down to pick it up there it was!  On a bottom shelf shoved way back!!  One little package of paper clay in a black package! I snatched it right up like a greedy little kid.  There was no one around me so I'm not sure why I was acting like that!?!  Lol!  It is the coolest thing ever!  I'm in love with it!!  It is so soft and easy to use.  I even found a recipe for it online so that I could make it for myself at home.  Paper Clay Recipe  Take a look at this site - she has lots of information and her videos are so useful!!  I'm going to try to make it very soon because I already used up the package I bought.  Here is a picture of what I working on:

I made two of the one that is round and has the cone shape sticking out of the front.  I'm going to make a snowman face with painted eyes and a coal smile.  One I'll cover in chunky glitter (like snow) and the other I'll do a crackle finish (like an antique style ornament).  I wanted to see which type I liked better and which turns out nicer.  I'll post again when I get them painted and add the finishing touches.  Do you the like creepy toothy smile on the snowman head in the middle?  He is my favorite!!!!

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