Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy 25th Little Sister!!!

Happy Birthday, Nikki!!  It seems just like yesterday that you were my little doll to play with!!  I love you very much and wish you the happiest of birthdays!!  Love, Kel


  1. Aww so cute! I want to learn how to make collages like those.

    -Zefaniya(swapbot-blog me baby swap)

  2. Awwwww, sister love is so cute! And the fact that she's willing to let you post some of those for the public to have one very brave, confident sister! I have too many photos I don't want the world to see, especially as a kid.

    Happy Birthday to Nikki!

    Dani aka Doodlebabe
    Blog Me Baby swap

  3. happy birthday to your sister as well!!!

    btw, i loved that bottle swap you did --- i checked out the photo and your fairies were too cute --- great idea!

    babyshrimp via swapbot
    (Blog Me Baby Swap)

  4. Awww you are so blessed to have a great sister. I hope she had a wonderful day :D


    (Blog Me Baby Swap)

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the birthday wishes! I have the BEST and most crafty sister ever :)

    Love you Kel!

    - Nikki