Friday, April 23, 2010

Alice Doll

I am late with my Alice in Wonderland paper doll. I sketched her and made her dress and apron but I had an awful headache all day yesterday and didn't get her completed.  Luckily my swap partner is very nice and understanding!!  :)  She is turning out pretty cute and I'm really having fun creating her.  I am excited that I'm starting to draw better too.  I think I'm starting to see things a bit differently and that really helps.  I love that I can draw a simple girl's face.  I'll post a picture of my Alice sketch.  I was looking off the picture from Somerset's Shoppe - (the Alice paper doll set they sell).  I just drew a cute face for a shrinky dink doll that I'm making too and she is also cute!  My whole life I haven't even been able to make a nice stick figure!!!  Lol!  So strange, I know.....
off to finish Alice now.......

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  1. Kelly the dolls look great! You can draw way better than I can that is for sure. LOL