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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm a Grandma!!

I'm a Grandma!  ~only for a couple of days, thank goodness!!  My oldest son, Ben, is taking Child Development in school.  Things are different nowadays and they don't have eggs to protect - they actually have these very real-like babies to keep for 3 days/ 2 nights.  I was a bit anxious when I had to sign a form taking responsibility for a $500 doll!!  Lol!  It was also mentioned that pets might want to bite it when it cries and that you must use a car seat when driving it around.  I couldn't wait to see this baby.  Yesterday, Ben came home from school and he called for me.  When I came into the living room I had a moment of panic!  Really!  Even though I knew it was coming he had it in it's car seat on the couch and for a moment it felt real!  Here is what I saw:
The baby is so much fun!  It is so cute to see my 6'4" son holding this baby, feeding her bottles and changing her diapers.  I went into his room last night about 3 am and he was sitting up in bed changing her diapers.  The baby doesn't shut off and everything is tracked - including if they are holding the neck properly.  Carly wasn't sure about it when she started crying the first time but she seems used to it already too.  Here are some pictures of our newest family member, Lupita.  That was Ben's choice of names by the way.  :)

Ben is going to be a good Dad!  Someday.... not soon..... when we are both much, much older!!!! :)

1 comment:

  1. LOL, great post Kelly! I saw the headline on my blog, (as your on my sidebar) and I was freaking out wondering how that happened.

    But I do remember this when my kids were at North. Those babies look so real when they first come home. Good lessons for them.

    The thought of Ben sitting up a 3 am to change a diaper is hysterical.