Friday, November 5, 2010

Snowmen - clay & wool!!

I just want to show you a few things that I have been playing with.  My friends and I went to a needle felting class at the St. Charles Library.  Here is the link to the class description and the picture of us taken by the the instructors, Wool & Co.
The three of us got together to go shopping for wool at the Wool & Co. (of course!).  What a beautiful store!  We were thinking about the holidays and making snowmen, santas, etc.  I took two foam balls and needle felted white wool on each ball and then attached them with a toothpick and glue.  I crocheted a quick red scarf for my cutie pie and added a carrot nose, top hat (with gold wrapped around it), red brads for buttons & black glittery eyes.  I think I might add branches for his arms and maybe some snow on the rim of his hat too?  Look at what I have so far -
This has nothing to do with snowmen but I also made this little black bird by needle felting wool.  He turned out pretty good for my first wool sculpture creature! :)

I think I'm going to put a black bead in the eye and then he'll be done.  It is really a fun and easy hobby that you can do while you are sitting on the couch watching television.  Isn't he cute?

Okay, I also made a snowman head with paperclay.  I showed him in an earlier post.  I don't think I'm quite done with him and need to add something to the head so we can hang him on the tree.  I am thinking about a curly wire thing to add a bit of whimsy.  I painted him and added chunky glitter to look like an older vintage ornament. I also took crepe paper to make a collar and painted glue on the edge and put fun silver glitter around the edges. Take a look -

Here is a picture of the three characters together:

And just for fun, this is what Carly does while I'm crafting or taking pictures! Lol! 

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