Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Quilting

I have always wanted to give quilting a try.  I joined a swap to make a crazy quilt square.  There is no pattern - you just add fabrics and make it end up as a 12" X 12" square.  Part of crazy quilting is to add embroidery and embellishments.  It is from the old days when women didn't have much and they used what they had to make quilts.  They can be very interesting and beautiful.  Here is a look at the one I made.


  1. What a gorgeous quilt you made! I love the star stitches. I still want to try quilting some time, once I clear away some of my many projects I'm already doing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh that is beautiful ! I also would love to try out crazy quilting in the future...

    lilmisspolkadot swapbot

  3. what a quaint quilt! i always wanted to make a quilt too but so far, i only managed to do a cross-stitch bookmark! maybe, one day, i will try to participate in a quilt-making swap bot! meanwhile, i will start with something simple like a handmade envelope or bookmark first :)

    thewhimsicalworld swapbot
    blog me, baby

  4. Kelly,
    I love the fabric choices they go so well together. and your stitching/embellishing is done nicely too!


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  6. Nice job! The fabric colors in the first picture is so warm really makes you think or Winter & Autumn :)

    QueenQuisa *Blog me, Baby*

  7. That turned out beautiful! It doesn't look easy at all. But I like the way you used the colours. Hehe, Fall colours are my absolute favourite.

    [Roosterruler via Blog Me, Baby on SwapBot]